Bracing for 2020—The Past, Present, and Future of Technology on Construction Sites


A webinar from Propeller’s CEO

For too long, worksites have resisted technological adoption, blaming a variety of risk factors for their unwillingness to move beyond what they know. 

Sometimes it’s a lack of stability and hefty buy-in costs, other times it’s the learning curve, but in the case of drone surveying, all of these are misconceptions. 

Drones have reached a state of total reliability. You know exactly what level of accuracy you can get from a drone survey, and you know we can achieve that level every time we fly. You know the hardware’s dynamic and obsolescence-proof. You know there’s tried and true methods for processing aerial data and reliable post-processing solutions on the market. 

Soon that maturity will bleed through to other next-gen solutions like automation and IoT.  In this session, Rory San Miguel, Propeller CEO and co-founder, will discuss the past, present, and future of construction technology to dissect the many advantages of up-to-date, accurate project data.  

We’ll discuss how Propeller plans to garner industry trust and help worksites around the world get the data they need to do their jobs more safely and efficiently than ever before. 

One of the ways he has in mind? A little something we like to call total worksite management. Join us as we talk 2020 plans, construction technology, and why it’s time to up the ante. 

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Hosted by:

Rory San Miguel

Co-Founder and CEO at Propeller Aero

Michael Scott

Senior Account Executive at Propeller Aero