Drone Survey Processing 101: To Self-Process, or to Not Self-Process?


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We’ve heard the self-processing horror stories—computers tied up for days, only to crash at the last second.  

There’s good news: we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. With Propeller, you upload your drone survey data, we process it, and you get it back within 24 hours. Reliable results, every time you fly. 

But you’re probably wondering what happens behind the curtain, thinking “okay, but who’s pulling the strings? 

The answer: a dedicated team of data scientists deeply committed to helping you get the most out of your drone missions.

Still not convinced?

In this session, we’ll be diving into the ROI of Propeller processing, the nitty gritty, how freeing yourself from the burden of processing gets you actionable data faster. And, ultimately, how actionable data keeps you connected to your worksite.

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Hosted by:

Michael Scott

Senior Account Executive at Propeller Aero, Denver, CO

Milo Vejraska

Senior Customer Solutions Engineer at Propeller Aero, Denver, CO