Webinar: Introducing Crew: a New Way to Bring Mobile Maps on Site!


You’re invited to watch a live demo of our new Propeller Platform add-on!

Say hello to Crew! Crew is a new add-on for the Propeller Platform that lets you deliver info-rich, customizable worksite maps to your team’s mobile devices while they’re out in the field. 

We designed Crew to help your on-site teams verify earthwork progress faster, perform elevation spot checks, and more easily avoid utility strikes.

In this brief webinar, you’ll hear from our own crew—Ruth Cole, Propeller’s product marketing manager, and Michael Scott, regional sales manager—as they demo Crew and explain how to leverage all its powers.

Webinar details

Date: June 10, 2020

Time: 4pm, MST

Here’s what we’ll cover:

- The capabilities of Crew-generated maps

- How it makes the lives of both in-office and on-site teams easier

- What makes Crew unique compared to other mobile map offerings

- Exactly how to create, share, and use maps with Crew.

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Hosted by:

Ruth Cole

Product Marketing Manager at Propeller Aero

Michael Scott

Regional Sales Manager at Propeller Aero