Get to Know Propeller—The Ins, the Outs, and Everything in Between


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We’ve dreamt up a worksite ecosystem where everyone has the data they need on hand, surveyors can collect site data quickly, without sacrificing accuracy, and all surveys are processed reliably, every single time. 

But we don’t expect you to blindly buy into that dream (no matter how exciting it sounds). 

For that reason, we’re hosting a webinar to demystify the in and outs of Propeller—where we bring value, how we separate ourselves from the competition, and what that means for your worksite. 

This time around, we’re deconstructing our products, and giving you an exclusive look behind the Propeller login. 

Dive into our interactive toolbox with live demos where we’ll measure stockpiles, calculate volumes, and quantify progress in just a few clicks. 

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Hosted by:

Michael Scott

Senior Account Executive at Propeller Aero

Anthony Cronin

Sales Engineer at Propeller Aero