BuildWitt Owner Aaron Witt on the State of the Earthwork Industry


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For earthwork professionals, it’s clear that their industries are in a state of flux. 

New technology is changing how we work, a lack of interest in blue-collar jobs is shallowing the talent pool, and long-held beliefs about worksite operations are being upended. 

To help us take stock, we’ve brought together two people who share a passion for this world and the workers in it: Propeller CEO and co-founder Rory San Miguel and BuildWitt president and self-proclaimed “Dirt Nerd” Aaron Witt.

In this webinar, Rory will talk to Aaron about how BuildWitt is helping those in construction and mining build better worksites and do better work. They’ll also try to answer some pivotal questions, like:

- Why is attracting young talent so important right now?

- How does workforce development play into the bigger picture?

- How do we shift the conversation and get worksites more technologically engaged?

- What are some technologies you believe will have the highest impact on the construction industry?

- Where do we go from here?

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Hosted by:

Aaron Witt

President of BuildWitt
Aaron Witt

Rory San Miguel

CEO, Co-founder at Propeller Aero

Richard Hordern Gibbings

Senior Business Development Manager at Propeller Aero