The New Survey-Grade Work Tool: Propeller PPK and AeroPoints 

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Survey Grade Tool Propeller PPK ebook

Seeing a drone flying over a worksite is becoming more common, but drone surveying has also gained a reputation for being overly complex, not accurate enough, and something only people with in-depth flight and surveying knowledge can actually benefit from.  

In many cases, that hasn’t been too far from the truth.

That’s why DJI and Propeller have teamed up to create a drone surveying solution that’s accessible to everyone and highly accurate—Propeller PPK.

In this ebook, we’ll cover what PPK is, how it works, and how a Propeller PPK solution can improve:

  • Surveying on a site without any drone technology
  • Measurement and management on a site using a drone and traditional ground control
  • Drone surveying workflows on sites using AeroPoints

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