Webinar: How to Leverage Propeller’s 24/7 Support


Watch the new Propeller webinar and learn why expert support is the key to drone program ROI!

Keeping your drone program moving forward during these uncertain times is incredibly difficult, as we battle a series of economic and operational unknowns. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re still out in the field or sequestered inside, we’re here to help get your drone program up and running…remotely! 

Whether it’s troubleshooting hardware issues in real time, training workers on how best to use our platform, or advocating for customers’ needs from the other side of the planet, we’re committed to providing the best service possible from a distance. 

In this session, some of the awesome individuals who make 24/7 remote support possible will...

  • Offer tips and tricks to keep your drone program active amidst COVID 
  • Explain how they interact with and support customers in their day to day
  • Provide specific examples of how they help customers reach their drone program ROI goals 
  • Dive into the human element of Propeller’s 24-hour data processing 
  • Outline the customer onboarding process

Watch the webinar now!

Hosted by:

Michael Scott

Regional Sales Manager at Propeller

Brendan Miracle

Tech Support Specialist at Propeller

Samuel Tim

Account Manager at Propeller

Taylor Wilson

Hardware Support Specialist at Propeller