Free eBook: Ground Control Points

The Beginner’s Guide

Here’s what you need to know about ground control in drone surveying to get the most accurate measurements possible.

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How to get survey-grade topos with a drone and good ground control

Today, drones are empowering worksites to regularly track their earthwork progress—and “smart” ground control points (GCP) are helping deliver site surveys with 1/10ft (3cm) accuracy.

In this guide, we’ll lay out the basics of ground control in drone surveying workflows and help set you up for success for your first flight!

In this eBook, we’ll answer:

  • What is photogrammetry? 
  • What is ground control, and why is it important to drone surveying?
  • How do ground control points fit into different drone surveying workflows?
  • What are “smart” ground control points? 
  • What is the PPK workflow, and where do AeroPoints fit in?

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