Whether you’re new to drone surveying or are looking to scale up the drone work you’re already doing, you want to know how it can help you measure progress, productivity, quality, and cost on your quarry.

In this ebook, you’ll know how Propeller can answer how much work's been done, how fast it’s progressing, whether or not you’re matching the plan, and if you’re going to make money.

Propeller can be used by both site personnel and the head office to:

  • Track the status of your quarry

  • Manage your stockpile volumes accurately and efficiently

  • Monitor protected areas and avoid environmental fines

  • Track progress against pit design

  • Ensure safety on your quarry

  • Keep your haul road grades consistent

  • Collaborate using a single source of truth

  • Work and plan with confidence

Data-analytics_cover_aggregatesImprove your workflows today with drones and Propeller!