Optimize your quarry's productivity

Access automated key metrics to enhance operator efficiency and reduce costs per ton


Workflows designed for quarries


Verifiable survey-grade accuracy down to a 3/10ft

Trusted Support

Readily available advisors to help you drill down into your productivity data


Flexible options that make sense for every sized business

How does DirtMate work?

DirtMate is a survey-grade machine sensor that gives you visibility into your production activity between drone surveys.

Mounted on the cab and equipped with GPS, DirtMate continuously provides machine location and elevation between your drone surveys. DirtMate surveys and captures the ground beneath tires or tracks to automatically generate key production data every 30 minutes.

Access key performance metrics with ease and discover route improvements that can enhance operator efficiency and reduce your cost per ton. 

DirtMate applications for quarries

Automate key metrics for your productivity study


Gain insights for productivity gains by easily accessing:

  • Automated dump counts, load counts and cycle counts
  • Automated cycle duration and distance
  • Machine utilization including working, idle and down times
Digitize insights for your aging fleet


Don't let your older machines retire early. Combat the data gap of your mixed fleet with DirtMate. Magnetically mounted to the top of your cab, DirtMate can be easily installed on any machine. Get visibility into your  fleet and quickly identify:

  • Extended idle to reduce fuel costs
  • Problematic machine work patterns, start and stop and down times
  • Machine location, routes and pinch points
A time in motion study. Anytime, anywhere.


Take proactive action with a continuous time in motion study. With insights at your fingertips, you can identify and track:

  • Machine cycle time
  • Loading time
  • Dump time/time at crusher
  • Cycle distance
  • Haul routes including machine trails 


Looking for more ways to improve your quarry's productivity?
DirtMate could be the right fit for you and your projects.