2020 Earthwork Report

Survey results, market insights, and forecasting

In 2018, Propeller surveyed 100 earthwork leaders on current technological trends, and this year we conducted a follow-up survey to gauge how things have changed (or remained the same). 

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Learn how your peers work, learn, and play in our 2020 Earthwork Report!

In an effort to capture the current state of the industry in 2020 and analyze the growth over the past two years, we’re sharing our results in this report. 

We’re presenting our findings with accompanying insights and comparative analysis to show how the 2020 data contrasts with our findings from 2018.

In this report, we review:

  • Market Demographics: An inside look at role and industry distribution 
  • Performance Tracking: What metrics are used to track productivity?  
  • Drone Program Insights: Where are we on the adoption curve?  
  • Propeller ROI: How does drone data reduce expenditure?  
  • Preferred Learning Style: How do earthwork professionals absorb information?

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